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Each Emmaus course is assigned a ‘unit value’ based on factors such as length and/ or level of difficulty.  A small “Unit Credit Certificate” is issued for each course you complete with a grade of 70% or higher. Each certificate is made out in your name, showing the name of the course, date completed, grade, and the number of units earned.


“Multiple Unit Certificates” are awarded in successive increments of 12 units.  For example, Multiple Unit Certificates are awarded as you achieve 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, etc. units.

Certificate Programs

Please note that our certificate programs are not accredited nor transferable to other academic institutions.  Satisfactory completion of these courses does not entitle the student to monetary or academic benefits other than those inherent in the study itself.

Our focus is not an “official piece of paper,” nor a man-issued “qualification,” but rather our desire is to see followers of the Lord Jesus Christ motivated to “study to show themselves approved unto God.”  We aim with the Lord’s help, to be a means of supplying such motivation & encouragement by providing a program of disciplined, structured study with built-in accountability and feedback.

The links below provide information about each certificate program:-


Emmaus Correspondence Centre Canada recognizes outstanding achievement by affixing a gold seal and the words WITH HONOR to each Multiple Unit Certificate for which the cumulative grade average is 90% to 95%, inclusive.  If the cumulative grade is 96% or higher, the Multiple Unit Certificate is distinguished with a gold seal and the words WITH DISTINCTION.