05) Christian Living Series Certificate

This certificate is issued upon successful completion (i.e. achieving at least 70% ) of all the following courses:

The Christian Life
Lessons for Christian Living
I’ll Take the High Road
Sense and Nonsense about Prayer
Dying to Self
Win the Battle for Your Mind
Winning Souls the Bible Way
Managing Anger God’s Way
Jerusalem’s Gates
The Believer’s Battle with Temptation
Forgiving & Being Forgiven
Plant My Feet on Higher Ground
Biblical Stewardship
God’s Blueprint for Your Marriage
God’s Mandate for Missions
Living Sacrifice
Securely Saved & Sure Of It
Preach the Word
The Shepherd Leader at Home (for men)
The Woman Who Pleases God (for women)
The Three Marys (for women)
What If Jesus Really Meant What He said? (no exam. Write a one page summary/ interaction.)

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