09) Prophecy Studies Module

Prophecy is an involved subject which cannot be studied on its own. It really is an integral part of the whole of Scripture. One reason that people struggle with understanding prophecy and often find it confusing, is that they attempt to study individual verses or passages without relating it to the rest of the Bible.

It is a bit like doing a jig-saw puzzle … if you don’t have the ‘big picture’ it can be extremely difficult and frustrating to figure out where the individual pieces fit in!

Therefore, we offer a comprehensive ‘Prophecy Studies Module’ to assist in this process of gaining the ‘big picture’ of the Bible so one can see where the ‘prophecy pieces’ fit!

We suggest the following courses in order to be truly well-grounded in God’s Word & prepared to correctly interpret & understand prophecy:-

The Bible What’s In It For You?
What the Bible Teaches
Journey Through the Bible
Old Testament Law & History
Old Testament Poetry & Prophecy
New Testament Survey
Summary of the Bible
What Next?
Bible Prophecy
Prophecies About Christ
God’s Timetable
16 Men with a Message
Isaiah – Part 1
Isaiah – Part 2
Jeremiah – Part 1
Jeremiah – Part 2
Ezekiel – Part 1
Ezekiel – Part 2
The Life and Prophecies of Daniel
The Prophet Daniel
Messengers of Judgement & Glory
The Minor Prophets
Revelation: The Coming King
The Book of Revelation

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