07) Old Testament Scholar Certificate

This certificate is issued upon successful completion (i.e. achieving at least 70% ) of all the following courses:

Old Testament Survey – Law and History
Old Testament Survey – Poetry and Prophecy
Start of the Race (Genesis)
Genesis: from creation to a nation
The Way out, The Way in (Exodus, Leviticus)
Desert Journey (Numbers, Deuteronomy)
Winning & Losing (Joshua, Judges, Ruth)
From Jerusalem to Babylon (1 & 2 Kings)
Life and Times of David, King of Israel
King David (1 & 2 Samuel)
1 & 2 Chronicles
Kingdom Divided (Kings – Esther)
Kings of Israel
Kings of Judah
Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
Job Had a Problem
Discovering Christ in the Psalms
Psalms: My God and I
Songs of Israel (Psalms)
Proverbs: The Kings Wisdom
The Lover & the Preacher (Song of Solomon & Ecclesiastes)
The Prophet Isaiah – Part 1
The Prophet Isaiah – Part 2
Jeremiah, Prophet of God – Part 1
Jeremiah, Prophet of God – Part 2
The Prophet Ezekiel – Part 1
The Prophet Ezekiel – Part 2
The Life & Prophecies of Daniel
The Prophet Daniel
16 Men with a Message (OT Prophets)
Messengers of Judgement & Glory (Minor Prophets) 
12 Prophets – Part 1 (Hosea, Joel, Amos)
12 Prophets – Part 2 (Obadiah – Zephaniah)
12 Prophets – Part 3 (Haggia, Zechariah, Malachi)
Minor Prophets

READINGS: (no exam)

Through the Ages (An Outline of Bible History)
Christ in the Old Testament
Truth from Ruth
The God of Jonah (God’s dealings with Nineveh through Jonah and Nahum)
Queens of the Bible

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