Living for God in an Ungodly Culture


Living for God in an Ungodly Culture



Carol Brown



5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

The Corinthian church was in trouble. The morally corrupt society in which those 1st century Christians were living had taken its toll on their values and thinking. We Christians of the 21st century can identify with them: the surrounding culture infiltrates our minds and weakens our commitment and testimony for Christ. Praise God that the apostle Paul’s Spirit-inspired solutions recorded in Scripture span the centuries!


This study of 1 Corinthians takes a thematic and practical approach to the book, recognizing that God’s Word is ever relevant and up-to-date as a guide to the Christian’s daily life. Each of the thirteen lessons suggests a practical action or attitude through which we may better live for God in the ungodly culture of our day.


Carol Brown lives with her husband Ron near Sugar Land, Texas where they fellowship and serve the Lord at First Colony Bible Chapel. She has been active for a number of years in teaching women’s Bible study classes there and at Ladies’ Retreats at Sandy Creek Bible Camp. The Browns have two married children. Carol is also the author of God’s Comfort for the Believer’s Heart.


Chapter 1 By Being Thankful for all other believers
Chapter 2 By Being Wise through the spirit
Chapter 3 By Being Grieved over sin
Chapter 4 By Being Separate from the world
Chapter 5 By Being Honorable, whether married or single
Chapter 6 By Being Humble toward other believers
Chapter 7 By Being Orderly in church practice
Chapter 8 By Being One Body
Chapter 9 By Being Loving in all we do
Chapter 10 By Being A Builder of other believers
Chapter 11 By Being Confident of the resurrection
Chapter 12 By Being Victorious as we await Christ’s coming
Chapter 13 By Being Generous to those in need

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