Better Homes & Marriages


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Better Homes & Marriages





O. J. Gibson



8 1/2″ x 11″

Love . . . marriage . . . family life.  In today’s culture, there are all kinds of opinions and ideas of how to be successful in these areas.

But what does God say? Does the Bible provide instruction on how to love one another and have a proper marriage? It sure does—and this workbook will direct you to the Bible. Practical discussion questions at the end of each lesson will prompt you to make real change for real improvement in your marriage and family life. Chapters include:

Ø Understanding Genuine Love in Marriage

Ø Improving Communication in Marriage

Ø Reducing Arguments and Misunderstandings

Ø Understanding the Husband’s / Wife’s Biblical Role

Ø Developing a Spiritual Life Together

. . . and much more!


O. J. Gibson was for years a close co-worker with Bill MacDonald. He was a premiere personal evangelist and a mentor to missionaries and assembly elders. Mr. Gibson went to be with the Lord in May 2006.



Lesson 1  One Flesh or Two Individuals?

Lesson 2  Understanding Genuine Love in Marriage

Lesson 3  Overcoming Selfishness in the Marriage Relationship

Lesson 4  Improving Communication in Marriage

Lesson 5  Three Principles for Getting Along

Lesson 6  Reducing Arguments and Misunderstandings

Lesson 7  Resolving Problems and Frustrations

Lesson 8  Understanding Areas of Sexual Differences

Lesson 9  Understanding the Husband’s Biblical Role

Lesson 10  Understanding the Wife’s Biblical Role

Lesson 11  Developing a Spiritual Life Together

Lesson 12  Improving Social Time Together

Lesson 13  Planning to Grow in Your Marriage

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