Bible Prophecy


Bible Prophecy (1 Unit)



C. Ernest Tatham



5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

Does prophecy have you scratching your head? This easy to follow survey will help you see how the pieces of the prophecy puzzle fit together. You will see God’s wonderful plan for the ages.


There is much confusion and controversy in the world today about future events. This course seeks to present in a simple manner the outline of the future events. The parts of Israel and the church are reviewed and explained. The present purpose of God is explained. Distinctions between the two resurrections are made and the rapture of the saints identified. The return of the King, the earth’s golden age and the eternal state are brought into focus.


Completing this course will provide the student a sound basis for both future studies of Bible Prophecy and dealing with the many different views that are proposed today.


Chapter 1 The Broad Outline

Chapter 2 Israel’s Past and Present

Chapter 3 The Future of Israel

Chapter 4 Between the Mountain Peaks

Chapter 5 God’s Present Purpose

Chapter 6 The Rapture of the Saints

Chapter 7 The Two Resurrections

Chapter 8 “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”

Chapter 9 Satanic Actors in the End Times

Chapter 10 The Return of the King

Chapter 11 Earth’s Golden Age

Chapter 12 The Eternal State

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