Kings of Judah


Kings of Judah (3 Units)



C. Knapp



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The books of the Kings and Chronicles describe the rise and fall of Judah’s kings—some comparatively good and others exceedingly bad. Some kings reigned honorably, while others rejected the Lord and led the nation into idolatry. And although some kings began with righteous intentions, the love of money and other fleshly desires blotted their judgment and led them astray.


By examining the reign of Judah’s kings, we learn important lessons about leadership, obedience, failure, punishment, and blessing. The divine grace demonstrated in God’s relationship with Judah illustrates God’s compassion and love to us all. In each of the detailed studies we learn relevant truths applicable for Christian living today. Like Jabez, we should honor the Lord in both word and deed and pray for His blessing.


Christopher Knapp (1870-1945) was a devoted student of God’s Word. During his early years of ministry, Knapp went to the Bahamas as an evangelist, where he enjoyed a fruitful ministry. Later, Knapp and his wife went to Honduras, Central America, as pioneer missionaries. For five years they sowed the seed of the Gospel, often taking long and arduous journeys into the interior. After contracting malaria, Knapp returned to the States and continued to minister the Word. He continued an effective written ministry almost to the end of his life.

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“If you would like to know as much as you can about any king of Judah when studying or teaching matters that involve them; or if you need some kind of a list so that you can know when each king reigned and who was reigning in the kingdom of Israel at the same time, checkout ‘Kings of Judah.’

– The Baptist Sentinel


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Rehoboam, Abijah

Chapter 3 Asa, Jehoshaphat

Chapter 4 Jehoram, Ahaziah, Jehoash

Chapter 5 Amaziah, Uzziah

Chapter 6 Jotham, Ahaz

Chapter 7 Hezekiah

Chapter 8 Manasseh, Amon

Chapter 9 Josiah, Jehoahaz

Chapter 10 Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah

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