Believer’s Battle with Temptation


The Believer’s Battle with Temptation (2 Units)


Author: R. Jay Waggoner

ISBN#: 978-1-59387-396-3

Format: Paperback

Size: 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

Pages: 128


Temptation to sin is inevitable. But does that mean we can’t have victory over it?

Although every believer is targeted by evil and confronted with temptation that comes

in many ways, understanding the principles in God’s Word (as to how we can resist it

and triumph over it) will equip and encourage us in our Christian lives. This course

is a basic guide to spiritual self-defense. It is theologically sound, and intensely practical.


R. Jay Waggoner received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Marietta College, his

Master of Religious Education and Master of Divinity degrees from Temple Baptist

Theological Seminary, and his Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Theological

Seminary.He has been in the pastoral ministry since 1980 and currently pastors

Fellowship Baptist Church in Willow Spring, North Carolina. Dr. Waggoner is also

the author of the Sermon Notes Journal and Repairing Broken Relationships.





Part One—The Adversary

1. The Adversary’s Existance

2. The Adversary’s Objective

3. The Adversary’s Tactics

Part Two—The Avenues of Temptation

4. Pleasure Lane (The Love of Pleasure)

5. Opportunity Avenue (The Problem of Pride)

6. Easy Street (The Danger of Materialism)

Part Three—The Armor of God

7. Basic Training

8. Spiritual Armor

9. Guard Duty

Part Four—At-Risk Attitudes and Behaviors

10. Dangerous Associations

11. False Assumptions

12. Demoralizing Circumstances


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