Acts: A Study in New Testament Christianity


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Acts: A Study in New Testament Christianity



John Heading



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There are many commentaries, expositions and theological works on the book of the Acts, and it may legitimately be asked why another should now be written. The answer lies in the deep belief of the author that the subject matter of the book of the Acts is just as relevant today as in the days of the apostles.

In particular, it has been the intention of the author not only to trace the development of the church, but also to separate out the transient features that characterized the transitional period between Judaism and Christianity. Moreover, he has sought to stress the abiding principles governing the local churches and their collective service, as well as the service of individual believers.

The connection of the Acts with the Old Testament, the Gospels and the Epistles is fully brought out. Christians may use the book for their own private study and meditation, the preparation of sermons, for Bible readings, and for the teaching of young converts. The Risen Lord, the Head of the Church, will give light to those who are thus exercised.


Dr. John Heading is joint editor of the magazine entitled “Precious Seed.” He is an able minister of the Word of God, moving extensively amongst the Lord’s people, particularly in the South and East of England. For his secular employment the holds the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees of the University of Cambridge, and is Reader in Mathematics in the University of Southampton, where he has written many technical books and papers.



Part I

Chapter 1  First man Ascended

Chapter 2  Third Giving of the Spirit

Chapter 3  First Discourse of Peter

Chapter 4  First Record of Activity in the Church

Chapter 5  First Miracle in the Church

Chapter 7  Second Discourse of Peter

Chapter 8  First Conflict With Authority

Chapter 9  Second Record of Activity in the Church

Chapter 10  First Discipline in the Church

Chapter 11  Second Conflict with Authority

Chapter 12  First Service of an Administration

Chapter 13  First Martyr: Stephen

Chapter 15  First Expansion of the Gospel

Chapter 16  First Saving Vision of the Ascended Christ

Chapter 17  First Itinerary of Peter

Chapter 18  Second Expansion of the Gospel

Part II

Chapter 1  Third Record of Activity in the Church

Chapter 2  First Apostle Killed

Chapter 3  First Missionary Journey

Chapter 4  First Missionary Journey

Chapter 5  First Missionary Journey

Chapter 6  First Doctrinal Dispute

Chapter 7  Second Missionary Journey

Chapter 8  Second Missionary Journey

Chapter 9  Second Missionary Journey

Chapter 10  Second Missionary Journey

Chapter 11  Second Missionary Journey

Chapter 12  Second Missionary Journey

Chapter 13  Third Missionary Journey

Chapter 14  Third Missionary Journey

Chapter 15 Third Missionary Journey

Part III

Chapter 1  Fourth Journey

Chapter 2  Fourth Journey

Chapter 3  Fourth Journey

Chapter 4  Fourth Journey

Chapter 5  Fourth Journey

Chapter 6  Fourth Journey

Chapter 7  Fourth Journey

Chapter 8  Fourth Journey

Chapter 9  Conclusion

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