Intermediate Christian Training


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Intermediate Christian Training



O. J. Gibson



8 1/2″ x 11″

Those already grounded in their Christian faith will want to continue their studies with Intermediate Christian Training. This workbook offers some unique features such as perforated verse cards, charts & diagrams, and Bible study suggestions. Chapters include: Authority of the Bible; Believer’s Position in Christ; Doing the Will of God; Attaining Life Goals; The Spirit of God and His Work in Believers; and Spiritual Gifts.


O. J. Gibson was for years a close co-worker with Bill MacDonald. He was a premiere personal evangelist and a mentor to missionaries and assembly elders. Mr. Gibson went to be with the Lord in May 2006.


Lesson 1  Authority of the Bible Internal and external witnesses of the authority of God’s


Lesson 2  Believer’s Position in Christ Position versus practice; relationship versus

fellowship; justification and sanctification

Lesson 3  Doing the Will of God How to determine God’s guidance

Lesson 4  Attaining Life Goals (Part I) How to establish Biblical goals for short-range or

long-range; time use analysis

Lesson 5  Managing God’s Resources How to be responsible stewards of God’s


Lesson 6  Attaining Life Goals (Part II) A continuation of 4

Lesson 7  The Spirit of God  His Person and Work  Characteristics, personality and deity

of the Holy Spirit; the nature of His ministry in general

Lesson 8  The Spirit of God  His Work in Believers  The ministry of the Holy Spirit in the

life of the believer

Lesson 9  Spiritual Gifts Definition, classification and utilization of the gifts of the Spirit

Lesson 10  Servanthood  Learning to serve others

Lesson 11  Personal Holiness Aspects of holiness; practical guidelines for holy living

Lesson 12  Away From the Lord  The causes, costs and cure of broken fellowship with


Lesson 13  He Will Come Again Future events and purposes associated with the Lord’s


Appendix A  Personal Evangelism Packet Gospel Memory Plan

Appendix B  Description of Spiritual Gifts An elaboration of the listed spiritual gifts

Appendix C  “Not to Be Ministered Unto” Attitudes that hinder servanthood 

Appendix D  Differing Views of Christ’s Return Other views on the Lord’s return

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