Genesis 1-12 In the Beginning


God’s revelation to humanity begins with the book of Genesis, which means that the importance of Genesis for us can hardly be overstated. It contains the truth about the origin of all things and is the key to understanding all that has happened in the subsequent history of the world. But more than that, it provides a foundation for all the great truth about God and His ways that are progressively revealed in the Bible. Genesis helps us to understand the meaning of history, and in particular, of God’s purposes that are being worked out, especially in His relationship to people.

Edition: AK ’20
Pages: 182
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
ISBN#: 978-1-59387-498-8
Format: Paperback


Lesson 1 – The Creation
Lesson 2 – Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
Lesson 3 – The Tragedy of Sin and the Triumph of Grace
Lesson 4 – The Rebellion of Ancient Civilization
Lesson 5 – The Patriarchs, from Adam to Noah
Lesson 6 – Noah and the Ark
Lesson 7 – The Worldwide Flood
Lesson 8 – Leaving the Ark
Lesson 9 – God’s Covenant with Noah
Lesson 10 – Ancient Nations and Their Dispersion
Lesson 11 – The Tower of Babel
Lesson 12 – The Call of Abram

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