Biblical Theology of the New Testament


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Biblical Theology of the New Testament



Charles C. Ryrie


6″ x 9″

Looking for answers to why as well as what?

Biblical Theology is concerned with the reasons why something was written as well as with the content of what was written. It not only examines the product but also investigates the procedures and presuppositions that went into writing the Scriptures.

The Word of God is seen in the manner in which it is revealed progressively. The whole is traced in the way God gave the Bible part by part. The perspective is that of the historical setting in which the truth came. The theology of the Bible emerges out of the thought of the writers as seen in their writings; it is never superimposed on those writings.

This book will help you learn the teachings of the New Testament and see that theology is part of the very fabric of the Bible. It is simply and clearly written and will be of benefit to all who want to learn more about the teachings of the Bible.


Charles C. Ryrie (A.B., Harverford College; Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Edinburgh; Litt.D., Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary) is the annotator of the Ryrie Study Bible and author of many other best-selling books including The Basis of the Premillennial Faith, The Miracles of Our Lord, Balancing the Christian Life, Basic Theology, and So Great Salvation. Dr. Ryrie has served in numerous professional capacities including President of Philadelphia Biblical University, and Chairman and Professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary.



Part I  The Synoptic Theology

Chapter 1  Introductory Matters

Chapter 2  The Christology of the Synoptics

Chapter 3  The Eschatology of the Synoptics

Part II  The Theology of Acts

Chapter 1  Background

Chapter 2  The Philosophy of the Plan of Acts

Chapter 3  The Theology of Acts

Part III  The Theology of James

Chapter 1  Historical Background

Chapter 2  The Theology of the Epistle

Part IV  The Theology of Paul

Chapter 1  Preparatory Questions

Chapter 2  The Doctrine of God

Chapter 3  Sin and Salvation

Chapter 4  The Doctrine of the Church

Chapter 5  The Christian Life

Chapter 6  Eschatology

Part V  The Theology of Hebrews

Chapter 1  Historical Background

Chapter 2  Theology Proper and Christology

Chapter 3  The Priesthood of Christ

Chapter 4  The Christian Life

Part VI  The Theology of Peter and Jude

Chapter 1  The Theology of Peter

Chapter 2  The Theology of Jude

Part VII  The Theology of John

Chapter 1  Introduction

Chapter 2  Historical and Critical Background

Chapter 3  Theology Proper

Chapter 4  The Doctrine of Salvation

Chapter 5  Eschatology


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