What Next? A Primer on Prophecy


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Many people are troubled about what can happen next. World events are taking place so quickly… Where will it all lead? The Bible has the answers!

This book was written to help you understand what the Bible teaches about prophecy. It explains words like the Rapture, the Millennium, and the anti-Christ. It will answer such questions as: Will you and I go through the Great Tribulation? Read it to understand “What Next”.


1 The Lord Jesus Promised to Return

2 Next: The Rapture

3 The King’s Dream

4 Daniel’s Dream

5 When Will these Things Be?

6 The Church Age

7 After the Church Age

8 One Thousand Wonderful Years

9 Great Leaders of the Future

10 Half a Week of Trouble

11 Right Now

12 Things Begin to Happen

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