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90 Devotionals on the Life of Christ

Whether in the classroom at Emmaus Bible College or behind a pulpit, David Glock has a proven ability to teach Scripture and make it practical. Walking with Jesus: 90 Devotionals on the Life of Christ is the result of over forty years of his teaching on the life of our Savior.

Follow this 90-day journey as Dave takes us from the announcement of Christ’s birth, through His life, to His death and resurrection, and finally, to His bodily ascension into heaven. Dave’s unique writing style is as refreshingly real and warm as are his classroom lectures. This book will help you ponder anew the life of Christ.

Pages: 336
Size: 6″ x 9″
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-146-8
Format: Hardcover


Christ’s Birth and Childhood
1 – God Has Spoken
2 – John and Jesus, Miracle Children
3 – Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth and Return to Joseph
4 – The Birth of John the Baptist, the Forerunner to the King
5 – The Greatest of All Miracles: The Incarnation (part 1)
6 – The Greatest of All Miracles: The Incarnation (part 2)
7 – Looking for the Messiah—Simeon, Anna, and the Wise Men
8 – The Childhood of Jesus
The Beginning of Christ’s Ministry
9 – John, the Voice Crying in the Wilderness
10 – The Baptism of Jesus, and the Inauguration of His Ministry
11 – The Temptation of Jesus
12 – Disciples of John Become Disciples of Jesus
13 – New Wine at Canna, and a New Home in Capernaum
The Early Judean Ministry
14 – Jesus Cleanses the Temple
15 – Nicodemus Visits Jesus by Night
16 – John Is Imprisoned, and Jesus Withdraws through Samaria
The Galilean Ministry
17 – Jesus Heals the Nobleman’s Son and Is Rejected at Nazareth
18 – Jesus Settles at Capernaum and Calls the Disciples
19 – The Beginning Burst of Miracles
20 – The Beginning of the Evangelistic Campaign in Galilee
21 – Healing and Forgiving a Paralytic, and Offending the Pharisees
22 – New Disciples of Jesus, and Old Disciples of John
23 – Healing the Crippled Man on the Sabbath, and the Controversy
24 – Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath
25 – The Appointment of the Twelve Apostles
26 – The Blessings of Being a Disciple of Jesus
27 – The Sermon on the Mount—Fulfilling the Law
28 – The Sermon on the Mount—Piety and Personal Life
29 – The Sermon on the Mount—Judging and Judgment
30 – A Servant Is Healed, and a Widow’s Son Is Restored to Life
31 – John the Baptist, Discouraged and Praised
32 – A Sinful Woman, and Woman Helpers
33 – Opposition of Friends, Foes, and Family
34 – “Why do You speak to them in parables?”
35 – Galilee and Gadara: A Storm on the Sea, and a Storm on Land
36 – Jesus Heals a Dying Girl and a Suffering Woman
37 – Final Visits to Nazareth and Galilee, and the Death of John
38 – The Feeding of the Five Thousand
Preparing to Go to Jerusalem
39 – Opposition Follows Jesus to Phoenicia
40 – A Daughter Is Delivered, 4,000 Are Fed, and a Blind Man Is Healed
41 – Peter’s Confession, and the Church
42 – The Transfiguration: A Foretaste of the Kingdom
43 – Discipline in the Church
The Later Judean Ministry
44 – Setting the Scene for the Judean Ministry
45 – Jesus, the Fount of Living Water
46 – A Sinful Woman Is Exposed to the Light of the World
47 – The “Father” Debate
48 – Healing a Man Born Blind
49 – The Good Shepherd
50 – The Seventy and the Evangelization of Judea
51 – The Good Samaritan, Martha and Mary, and the Lord’s Prayer
52 – The Beelzebub Theory Revisited, and Jesus Visits with a Pharisee
53 – The Sermon on the Mount Restated, and the Olivet Discourse Anticipated
54 – Jesus Is Rejected in Judea
The Perean Ministry
55 – Invitations Given to the Banquet in the Kingdom
56 – The Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, and the Lost Son
57 – Money, Marriage, Forgiveness, and Servanthood
58 – The Lazarus Connection
59 – One Leper Returns, and the Pharisees Question the Coming of the Kingdom
60 – Advice for the Routines of Life: Marriage, Divorce, Celibacy, and Children
To Jerusalem, and Passion Week
61 – The Young Ruler Stumbles Over Riches
62 – Jesus Teaches about His Death and Servanthood
63 – On the Jericho Road: Blind Bartimaeus and Little Zaccaeus
64 – Approaching Jerusalem: A Parable about Delay, and an Anointing for Burial
65 – Triumphal Entry Sunday: The King Comes to Jerusalem
66 – No Fruit on the Fig Tree or in the Temple
67 – A Dispute Over Authority, and a Parable of Two Sons
68 – The King Withdraws His Offer of the Kingdom
69 – The Invitation to the Kingdom Rejected by the Jewish Leaders
70 – About the Pharisees
71 – A Generous Widow, Inquiring Greeks, Secret Disciples, and a Final Statement
72 – The Olivet Discourse: The Tribulation, and Christ’s Second Advent
73 – The Olivet Discourse: The “When” of Christ’s Return
74 – The Betrayal Room with Judas, and the Upper Room with Jesus
75 – Jesus Teaches His Disciples about Servanthood
76 – Jesus Teaches His Disciples about Serenity
77 – Jesus Teaches His Disciples about Bearing Fruit
78 – The Coming of the Holy Spirit, and the Departure of Jesus
79 – For the Glory of God
80 – Gethsemane: The Prayer
81 – The Betrayal by Judas, and the Arrest of Jesus
82 – Three Jewish Trials for Jesus, and the Three Trials for Peter
83 – The Three Roman Trials of Jesus
84 – Good Friday: The Crucifixion of Jesus—It Is Finished!
85 – Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus
Christ’s Resurrection and Ascension
86 – The First Witnesses of the Empty Tomb
87 – On the Road to Emmaus
88 – Jesus Apears to the Ten and Then to the Eleven
89 – Peter Goes Fishing and Is Restored by Jesus
90 – The Commission of the Apostles, and Christ’s Ascension

Author info: David Glock was a graduate of Emmaus Bible School, Philadelphia College of Bible, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He taught at Emmaus Bible College from 1968 to 2018 and was Dean of Education for quite a few of those years. David also served as an elder emeritus at Asbury Community Chapel in Dubuque, Iowa. He had four children (all of whom serve in assembly ministries), fourteen grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren. Dave is also the author of Our Reason To Be.

Here’s What People Are Saying!

“David Glock taught “Life of Christ” for four decades at Emmaus Bible College. It is regarded by his students and colleagues as a classic—and for good reason. He brought to his lectures a love of the Bible and a love for Jesus Christ. We waited for this book for a long time, and its expositional skill, doctrinal depth, and devotional richness have made the wait worthwhile.”

–Dr. David J. MacLeod,
Bible and Theology Faculty,
Emmaus Bible College

“Walking with Jesus gives us in written form the insight that has been gained in forty-three years of Bible study and classroom experience. In clear and plain language, we have here an excellent historical overview of the life of Christ which is both theologically profound and devotionally challenging.”

–Dr. Jack H. Fish,
Bible and Theology Faculty,
Emmaus Bible College

“Thank you to Dave for his great work! His teaching has impacted my life and my children’s lives.”

–Todd Carter, Missouri


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