The Three Marys


Author: Mary King

ISBN#: 978-1-59387-122-2

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 64

Three women will be considered in this study: Mary, the mother of Jesus; Mary of Bethany; and Mary Magdalene. All were close to the Lord–their relationships being family, friend, and follower, respectively. By looking at their attitudes and abilities we will see how the grace of God can enable us to use our potential for the glory and honor of the Lord Jesus.



Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Chapter 1 The Angel sent from God

Chapter 2 Rejoicing and Reflection

Chapter 3 The Young Child

Chapter 4 The Loosening of Family Ties

Chapter 5 Final Days


Mary of Bethany

Chatper 6 Mary and Martha

Chapter 7 The Death of Lazarus

Chapter 8 The Supper at Bethany


Mary Magdalene

Chapter 9 The Servant of the Lord

Chapter 10 The Resurrection


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