Joshua: the Conquest of Canaan


Joshua: The Conquest of Canaan (3 Units)



Ken Fleming



6″ x 9″

Joshua had at least three purposes for writing about Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land:

  • To document God’s faithfulness in fulfilling His covenant to give the Land of Canaan to His people.
  • To encourage the Israelites to obey God by completing the conquest after his death.
  • To vividly demonstrate God’s holy and righteous character.

From our perspective as New Testament believers, the book of Joshua provides insights into obtaining and enjoying our spiritual inheritance in Christ. Just as the conquering Israelites needed excellent leadership, careful preparation, strict obedience, and focused commitment, so Christians also need these qualities today. Like the Israelites, we face spiritual battles that may be either won or lost. By following Christ, our Leader, we will both please God and know the contentment, peace, and joy that God has for us.


In his orderly and instructive style, Ken Fleming has blended Joshua’s account of this remarkable period in Israel’s history with practical challenges, encouragements, and warnings needed for us today.


Ken Fleming has been an enthusiastic and passionate Bible teacher for more than fifty years. His service for Christ has led him to many parts of the globe, including South Africa, where he spent twenty-five years as a missionary among the Zulu people. From 1977 through 2002, Ken taught in the Bible and Missions programs at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa. Today he continues proclaiming the gospel and strengthening the church body through writing and preaching ministries.

Here’s What People Are Saying!

“If you’re interested in understanding the conquest of Canaan, the Old Testament, or the Middle East today, this is a good place to start. I was completely conviced that this book was on target, the moment I read the introduction that tells of Joshua’s involvement in ministry, some 40 years earlier. lso, it is easy to read and understand. I am currently teaching directly from it. It’s a must have!!!

– Paul R. Andries — Pastor

Washington, DC



Chapter 1 The Commission to Joshua

Chapter 2 Rahab and the Spies

Chapter 3 The Crossing of the Jordan

Chapter 4 The Memorial Stones

Chapter 5 The Base Camp at Gilgal

Chapter 6 The Destruction of Jericho

Chapter 7 Defeat at Ai

Chapter 8 Victory at Ai

Chapter 9 The Treaty with Gibeon

Chapter 10 Victory in the South

Chapter 11 The Northern Campaign and Final Victory

Chapter 12 Conquered Kings and Cities

Chapter 13 Division of the Land East of Jordan

Chapter 14 The Inheritances of Caleb and the Tribe of Judah

Chapter 15 The Boundaries and Cities of Judah’s Inheritance

Chapter 16 The Inheritance of Joseph

Chapter 17 Issues Relating to Manasseh and Ephraim

Chapter 18-19 The Distribution of Land at Shiloh

Chapter 19 The Cities of Refuge

Chapter 20 The Levitical Cities

Chapter 21 A Crisis Averted

Chapter 22 Joshua’s Farewell Address to the Leaders

Chapter 23 Joshua’s Farewell Address to the People

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