Jonah: Meeting the God of the Second Chance


Jonah: (2 Units)

Meeting the God of the Second Chance



O. S. Hawkins


5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

Jonah is not only one of the most popular books in the Bibleit is also one of the most controversial. Its historical validity is questioned by skeptics and scholars alike. It is the actual account of a man who rebelled and was swallowed by a great fish. But it is so much more.

It is the story about someone like you and me. It is the story of Jonah’s sturggles, calling, disobedience, problems, and prayer life. It is the story of his encounter with God and of God’s gracious dealing swith him. It is the story of a man, and of an entire city, that got a second chance.


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Dr. O. S. Hawkins is a native of Fort Worth, Texas. He has three earned degrees (B.B.A., M. Div., D.Min.) and two honorary degrees. He has served as president of the National Southern Baptist Pators’ Conference and has been a regular speaker at the Moody Pastors’ Conference and the Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism.

For fifteen years Dr. Hawkins pastored the fast-growing First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This church has been a perennial leader in evangelism and discipleship. In October 1993, he became the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.

Here’s What People Are Saying!

“I truly was inspired by this study of Jonah. Just reading the ‘Introduction to Jonah’ had me so spiritually excited and enthused that I had to re-read it several times. So I knew I was in for a treat ‘spiritually’ when I began the lesson. And I must truthfully say, it has been one of the best lessons I’ve done thus far. I especially enjoyed the comparisons between ‘A Man’s Pilgramage’ and ‘God’s Providence.’ Again, thank you so very much for allowing me to do these studies.”

– Dennis Miller

Somerset, PA


Introduction to Jonah

Chapter 1 Here Am I . . . Send Someone Else

Chapter 2 Lessons of Leaving the Lord

Chapter 3 Calming the Storm

Chapter 4 You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

Chapter 5 What Can One Person Do?

Chapter 6 Warts and All

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