Getting Along with Each Other Biblical Guidance to Improving Your Relationships


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Getting Along with Each Other

Biblical Guidance to Improving Your Relationships



Richard L. Strauss




5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

*  Would you like to mend broken relationships?
*  Are you looking for ways to cope . . .
when you are criticized by family and friends?
when you get angry?
when you can’t seem to forgive?
*  Do you want to know how to deal with the faults of

others—without being critical?
*  Would you like to effectively encourage others?

Getting Along with Each Other is a biblical guide to effective relationships. It is about meaningful communication, openheartedness, honesty . . . about words, thoughts, and feelings . . . about listening and forgiveness. Discover the joy of improved communication and relationships through the wise, practical guidance presented here.


During his 60 years, Richard Strauss loved God, and he loved to study His Word. He spent hours each week pouring over the Bible, allowing the Holy Spirit to teach him so that he could teach others. Through his sermons, books and tapes, Dr. Strauss made God’s eternal message relevant to thousands of people worldwide. He had a special gift for making the Bible come alive in a practical way.

Here’s What People Are Saying!

Getting Along with Each Other reads as one of the most biblically-practical books on the topic that I’ve seen. I’m delighted that Richard’s legacy continues on.

– Ray Smith

I recently received Richard Strauss’s book on getting along with others, and it is excellent! I have emailed information about the book to about 50 preacher-friends and also recommended it to Dr. Lonnie Skinner at Patriot Bible University. It deserves wide reading. I have promoted the book in our church’s adult Bible class and plan to use it in various ways. Maybe we will use it as a Sunday school textbook or in home Bible studies.”

– Pastor Bruce Oyen

Grace Baptist Church

Rochester, WA



Chapter 1  Broken Friendships

Chapter 2  Bits and Beams

Chapter 3  Mending Nets

Chapter 4  The Cutting Edge

Chapter 5  A Matter of Life and Death

Chapter 6  “Be Honest with Me”

Chapter 7  An Encouraging Word

Chapter 8  “You Make Me So Mad!”

Chapter 9  As God Has Forgiven

Chapter 10  Sweet as Honey

Chapter 11  Cleaning Up the Source

Chapter 12  Wise as Serpents

Chapter 13  Actions Speaks Louder than Words

Chapter 14  Who’s Listening?


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