Born To Win


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Born to Win (1 Unit)



William MacDonald


5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

The Bible pictures losers in many ways—as lost sheep, mug victims, lower class citizens, frauds, and runaway kids, to mention just a few. But the Bible also contains the good news that God has provided a way to have a fresh start in life. Do you feel like you’re a “born loser”? This Bible course will help you learn how you can be born (again) to win!


For over sixty years, William MacDonald addressed the key issues of Christianity in clear and simple terms. Leaving a promising business career to serve the Lord Jesus, he traveled worldwide, proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. His more than eighty works are characterized by an economy of words that only comes by a major time investment in God’s Word. Although William MacDonald went to be with the Lord in 2008, his writing ministry continues to instruct and teach thousands of people today.

Here’s What People Are Saying!

“I got Born To Win from my cellmate. He had it under his mattress for about a month or so. He never messed with it, so I asked him for it. I have since turned my life to God to save me from my past. I’m ready to change.” – Paul, inmate

“Before completeing Born to Win, I was not Sure about my faith in Christ. I now know that I am saved. I received Christ during the first course I was studying.” Kenneth, inmate

“I have received the study course Born to Win and it is incredible. I thank you all for creating this opportunity for people like me (people who have sinned, got locked up, then become Christians) to study the Bible. I struggle with my faith when I am not surrounded with Christian examples, but your books have helped keep me on track. Going through your study courses is strengthening my faith.” Brian, inmate

“I really enjoyed Born to Win. The course has opened my eyes to the tim I have wasted and to how sin has separated me from my own family. I guess if sin separated man in the beginning from his creator, certainly it will separate man from his family. And this is what has happened to me.” Donald, inmate

“I love what Jesus is doing in my life through ECS courses. Others are bein let to the Lord because of Born to Win. I think this is the bes Bible course I ever took!” Harry, inmate

“I have examined other religions. Judaism still follows the law. Catholicism has many rituals and idols. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in the deity of Jesus. Yet, they all claim to follow the Bible. Born to Win has opened my eyes to the true gospel. This course has helped me see that Christ is all I need for salvation.”

Terrance, inmate

“I was assigned to clean an empty dorm. In the trash I found a copy of Born to Win. The cover was all dirty and ripped up. On my lunch break, I read the testimony of Steve Thompson and wow . . . this book is for me! I am the las of 11 children. I’m 35 years old and have definitely been a loser all my life. ….I thank Jesus Christ so much for this book I found in the trash. I love my Lord for saving me!”

Luis, inmate


Chapter 1 The Lost Sheep

Chapter 2 The Good Samaritan

Chapter 3 The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Chapter 4 The Rebel Comes Home

Chapter 5 The Bad Scene That Tops Them All

Chapter 6 The Little Man Who Was Up a Tree

Chapter 7 The Woman Who Was Caught in the Act

Chapter 8 The Greatest Crime Ever Committed

Chapter 9 Getting Life at the Last Minute

Chapter 10 Two Preachers Who Went to Jail

Chapter 11 The Adulteress Who Became a Soul Winner

Chapter 12 A Bum Rap

Born to Win

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