Gabriel and Michael


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Gabriel and Michael



A. C. Gaebelein


5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

This fascinating study explores the question as to the existence of an unseen world comprised of beings different from and higher than the human race. As we turn to the Bible, the infallible Word and Revelation of God, we find the question fully answered.

In revealing and carrying out His great program for the ages, God has given two particular angels, Gabriel and Michael, significant roles. Gabriel delivered messages from God to Daniel, Zacharias, and Mary. Michael the Archangel, “the Prince of the people of Israel,” continues to intercede on their behalf.

In this expository study, author A.C. Gaebelein traces the messages and actions of these great servants of the Most High as they participate in working out God’s plan for the world. Our response should be one of gratitude and reverence for all that the Lord has created and all that He has and will accomplish.


For more than half a century evangelist, author, journalist, and Bible expositor Arno C. Gaebelein passionately proclaimed the prophetic truths of the Bible and daily lived with the hope of their fulfillment. With a ministry that bridged two centuries and endured two world wars, Gaebelein never doubted the relevance of the study of prophecy for spiritual growth and for interaction with the chaos of culture. In the midst of the thundering storms of World War I, he encouraged Christians not to despair, for the trials of this world would one day give way to the triumph of Christ.



Chapter 1  The Unseen World Above

Chapter 2  Two Mighty Servants of God: Gabriel and Michael

Chapter 3  The Messanges of Bariel to Zacharias and the Virgin Mary

Chapter 4  The Times of Gentiles and Their End

Chapter 5  Cabriel’s Prophetic Messages to Daniel

Chapter 6  Gabriel’s Greatest Prophetic Message to Daniel

Chapter 7  Michael’s Past and Future Activities

Chapter 8  Michael and the Great Tribulation

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