Divine vs. Natural Viewpoint: A journey in to the Heart of God


Divine vs. Natural Viewpoint (0 Units)



Keith Linhardt & Randy Gruber


5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

Our journey into the heart of God must begin with this astonishing realization: Man and God do not think or act alike! God says that the vast difference between our viewpoint and His viewpoint is like the distance between us and the stars. Obviously, no man can traverse this distance. Therefore, if we are to know Him, He must initiate the contact. Thankfully He has, as you will see in this course.

In this study you will discover that despite our departure from the perfect thoughts and ways of our Creator, God desires to dwell with us. Amazing! He also desire to transform our natural thoughts and ways into His thoughts and ways so that we may intimatelyexperience Him in our lives. To experience Him is to experience true, abundant life. It is this hope of God’s desire that will shine through in Divine vs. Natural Viewpoint. God has given us His viewpoint. Therefore, if you are willing to hear Him, open this study to begin yourjourney into the heart of God.


Divine vs. Natural Viewpoint is a result of the teaching ministry of Randy Gruber at the Potosi Correctional Centre Prison Fellowship Bible Study in Missouri. His students have produced this course to pass on what they have learned to good and faithful men who will in turn be able to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2).

Here’s What People Are Saying!

“I think Divine vs. Natural Viewpoint is very well written and easy to understand. I like that kind of question and answer format. Tons of Bible research before the question is asked, which gives a well rounded view of understanding what is meant by the question. Plus it gives the pupil more knowledge of where the book of the Bible are in order. I also think it gives the teacher a chance to see how much the student understands the text.”



Lesson 1  God Is Speaking to Us
Lesson 2  Man Leaves God and His Christ Out
Lesson 3  Christ Is Central to All Things
Lesson 4  Who Rules? A Basic Question of Authority
Lesson 5  Man Rejects Christ’s Rule
Lesson 6  Light vs. Darkness
Lesson 7  The Light Is Now Shining to Us in the Gospel
Lesson 8  Faith’s Viewpoint Is the Divine Viewpoint
Lesson 9  Walk by FaithNot by Sight
Lesson 10  Faith in the Son of God Is Transforming
Lesson 11  The Least Is the Greatest
Lesson 12  The Way Up Is Down

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