The Seven Last Things (study guide only)


The Seven Last Things



Gregory C. Benoit


6″ x 9″

Revelation 19-21 is the New Testament’s classic passage on the return of Christ, a passage that has sometimes been called “the last things.” In it the apostle John sets forth the seven major motifs of biblical eschatology.


Dr. David J. MacLeod’s book, The Seven Last Things, presents a clear and readable commentary on the issues surrounding the Second Coming of Christ and the events which follow.


This study guide is a companion to The Seven Last Things, intended to help the reader to delve more deeply into the last chapters of Revelation. It is written for laymen and scholars alike, avoiding heavy theological terminology while still addressing major doctrinal questions and issues.


The studies deal closely with the text of Revelation chapters 18-21, and occasionally delve into other Scripture passages to help shed light on John’s message. Each study presents a series of challenging questions for the reader, broken into analysis andapplication sections. These are followed by a response, a call to each individual to address the themes of God’s Word in his or her own life.

Comprehensive study notes are also included in each study to help clarify difficult points, and to suggest practical applications for the often-abstract aspects of John’s vision. Each study also contains references to Dr. MacLeod’s book to help the reader find out more information.

This Bible study guide can be used by individuals in private study, or by groups seeking to understand the meanings and practical applications of the seven last things.



Gregory C. Benoit is a writer, editor, and book designer. He has written numerous Bible study guides for groups, including several on the Book of Revelation.


Study 1 The Fall of Babylon Revelation 18
Study 2 Heaven’s Hallelujah Chorus Revelation 19:1–10
Study 3 The Second Coming of Christ Revelation 19:11–16
Study 4 The Defeat of Antichrist Revelation 19:17–21
Study 5 The Binding of Satan Revelation 20:1–3
Study 6 The Millennial Kingdom of Christ Revelation 20:4–6
Study 7 The Release of Satan and Man’s Final Rebellion Revelation 20:7–10
Study 8 The Last Judgment and the End of the World Revelation 20:11–15
Study 9 The New Heaven and the New Earth Revelation 21:1–8

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