Nuestra Razón de Ser (Our Reason To Be)


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Nuestra Razón de Ser

(Our Reason To Be)





David A. Glock


4 1/2″ x 6″

In this Spanish booklet, David Glock addresses one of the major distinctives of the Assembly movementour approach to the Lord’s Supper. He outlines why we do what we do, and suggests that we have an obligation to share this blessed privilege with others.

The best theology we teach is not from the pulpit, but from the Lord’s Supper. There we learn about the Godhead and the attributes of deity. There we learn about the person and work of Christ. There we learn about the sinfulness of man. There we learn about our great salvation. There we learn about the coming of Christ. There we learn the vocabulary of the Bible: grace, mercy, redemption, propitiation, reconciliation, atonement. There we worship! It is central to who we are.


En esta obra, David Glock trata uno de los mayores distintivos del Movimiento de las Asambleas (Hermanos Libres), nuestro enfoque a la Cena del Señor. Resume por qué hacemos lo que hacemos, y sugiere que tenemos la obligación de compartir este bendito privilegio con los demás.

La mejor teología que enseñamos no proviene del púlpito, sino de la Cena del Señor. Ahí aprendemos sobre Dios y Sus atributos. Ahí aprendemos sobre la Persona y la obra de Cristo. Ahí aprendemos sobre la pecaminosidad del ser humano. Ahí aprendemos sobre nuestra gran salvación. Ahí aprendemos sobre la venida de Cristo. Ahí aprendemos el vocabulario de la Biblia: gracia, misericordia, redención, propiciación, reconciliación, expiación. ¡Ahí adoramos! Es central a lo que somos.


Dave Glock is a graduate of Emmaus Bible College, Philadelphia College of Bible, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has taught at Emmaus since 1968 and has served as Dean of Education for most of that period. He serves as an elder at Asbury Community Chapel. He and his wife Melsie have four children, all of whom serve in Assembly ministries, and thirteen grandchildren.