Lessons in Trust


Lessons in Trust



Christine Schneider



6″ x 9″

Lessons in Trust removes the veil of mystique from the lives of Eve, Sarah, and Mary to demonstrate how their lives relate to ours. Now. In the 21st century.

With no examples to imitate, these women followed God through the uncharted wilderness of their experiences, to emerge as patterns for us. Their stories include some of the same struggles we deal with every day: temptations, grief, weariness, confusion, and fear. Their lives were defined by the degree to which they trusted God. And they learned—sometimes too late—that God’s way really does work best. In spite of their weaknesses and sins, they showed glorious moments of trust. God blessed them by including them in the Messiah’s family tree. If we learn to trust God more fully, what blessings might He have in store for each of us?


Christine Schneider and her husband, Floyd, spent 15 years as missionaries in Austria, where they planted three churches. They have planted a fourth one in Dubuque, Iowa. Christine has enjoyed watching women grow in their faith, as she teaches them to nourish their souls with God’s Word and then to pass on to others what they have learned. She is now making her own study notes available in the Kitchen Table Studies series. Christine has also written two historical novels and previously taught a class on “Ministry of Women” at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa.


Lessons from Eve

Session 1 The Instrisic Worth of a Woman

Session 2 God’s Perfect Plan for Woman

Session 3 The Plan is Marred By Sin

Session 4 Putting The Peices Back Together

Lessons from Sarah

Session 5 Who Am I Following?

Session 6 Putting My Whole Weight Down

Session 7 Attitude is Everything

Lessons from Mary

Session 8 Trust: A Personal Characteristic

Session 9 Trust Needs the Past to Go Into the Future

Session 10 Trust Finishes Well

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Dimensions 23 × 15.3 × 0.8 cm