God’s Word Is Truth


God’s Word Is Truth (2 Units)



William MacDonald



5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

Can you trust the Bible? There are many voices raised against it. It’s reliability, accuracy, authority, and inspiration have all been called into question. This course is designed to help you understand that the Bible is trustworthy in all matters of faith and life; to know that God’s Word is Truth!


The fact of the divine inspiration of the Word of God is the basis of all teaching from its holy pages. As a result, this has been attacked severely in the past 200 years by rationalism, modernism, and other forms of skepticism. Today the assault continues undiminished and is found in places and circles long noted for their adherence to the verbal inspiration of the inerrant word of God. In this course, several lines of evidence are provided to support the inspiration and reliability of the Bible.


For over sixty years, William MacDonald addressed the key issues of Christianity in clear and simple terms. Leaving a promising business career to serve the Lord Jesus, he traveled worldwide, proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. His more than eighty works are characterized by an economy of words that only comes by a major time investment in God’s Word. Although William MacDonald went to be with the Lord in 2008, his writing ministry continues to instruct and teach thousands of people today.


Chapter 1 The Bible—God’s Word

Chapter 2 Other Witnesses to the Bible

Chapter 3 Some Fulfilled Prophecies

Chapter 4 More Fulfilled Prophecies

Chapter 5 The Bible and Science

Chapter 6 More About the Bible and Science

Chapter 7 History Repeats Itself

Chapter 8 Alleged Bible Difficulties

Chapter 9 The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ

Chapter 10 The Genealogy of Jesus

Chapter 11 The Gospel Plan of Salvation

Chapter 12 The Bible Stands

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