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Postal Bible Studies – Bringing good news to boys and girls!

Good news! Thatʼs what the Bible is!  It’s always exciting to receive good news, so why not read the Bible for yourself and join many others in enjoying monthly Bible lessons.

For Kids!

We will mail to you each month, FREE of charge, a set of lessons based on Bible stories, for you to complete and return for marking.

For Parents!

The lessons sent by Emmaus PBS are based only on the teaching of the Bible and are non-denominational.  They are provided by a group of concerned Christians who believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and that it is vital for children and young people to know what it teaches about God’s way of salvation from sin and its effect on our life.  Correspondence courses are a simple way of learning. Why not encourage your children to try the lessons, they are not committing themselves in any way. We just hope that they enjoy the lessons and learn from them!

Apply Online

Complete our easy online application and to get started right away! 

Contact us

Want more information?

Phone: 705-360-3268
Email:  [email protected]

or mail your name, address, and date of birth to:

Emmaus PBS

PO 20084
Shoppers Drug Mart
L3V 7X9

Hi! I am Em the Maus. If you are 4 to 18 years of age, I am here to tell you to join the Emmaus Postal Bible School. It’s free!! Register here.

Our Curriculum

Bibletime Program

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