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Diploma Program 

It is great to learn of your desire to study God’s Word, and we are very pleased that you are considering using Emmaus Correspondence Courses in your pursuit of Biblical truth!

We do not claim to be ‘better than anyone else’ nor do we claim to be the ‘only way to do it,’ but we do believe that you will find the Emmaus Bible-study method quite unique & extremely helpful in many ways!

We’ve been “around” for some time …. for over 70 years Emmaus courses have been used around the world in 120 countries, and in many languages. Over 40 million courses have been distributed to date!!

You will quickly notice that our courses offer a flexible method of study in unique “short chunks” – this makes it easier for you to do within a busy schedule.  Our goal is to encourage you to search the Scriptures for yourself, and praying that as you do so, the Lord Himself would be your teacher to show you great and wonderful things from His precious Word!

We currently offer two Diploma programs:

1. The “Associate Diploma in Biblical Studies” requiring successful completion of 72 units of study.
2. The full “Diploma in Biblical Studies” requiring successful completion of 144 units of study.

Both diplomas offer a well-rounded approach, covering a variety of topical, doctrinal, and practical subjects, as well as the actual books of the Bible.

****** We are working on a new “Advanced Biblical Studies Diploma” which we hope to offer soon! Details to follow! 

Click the links below to see details of each Diploma.

Cost of Diploma

Do you have more questions?   Check out our frequently asked questions.