Biblical Servanthood (study guide only)


Biblical Servanthood



Marilyn Burson



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“Serving is a lifestyle, an attitude, a relationship.”

This is how Ken Fleming succinctly defines biblical servanthood in the preface to his book, He Humbled Himself. The title of Ken’s book describes the Lord Jesus Christ, who is both the perfect Servant and our model for the kind of service that pleases and honors God.

As you read the book and study the related Scriptures by means of this group study guide you will grow in appreciation of the One who came not to be served, but to serve. You will also learn principles for practical application from a number of godly—albeit imperfect—Bible characters who exemplify the same model of servanthood that Christ set us.

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Marilyn Burson, former missionary to France and smuggler of Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, has been teaching Bible studies for 20 years. She has written a variety of other practical study guides published by ECS Ministries including Biblical Servanthood and To God Be the Glory. Marilyn lives with her husband in Florida where she continues to serve in their church.


Chapter 1 Learning To Serve
Chapter 2 Jesus Christ, Bond-Servant Of God
Chapter 3 The Character Of The Servant
Chapter 4 The Mission Of The Servant
Chapter 5 The Discipline Of The Servant
Chapter 6 The Suffering Of The Servant
Chapter 7 Christ, The Model Servant
Chapter 8 Christ, The Humble Servant
Chapter 9 Old Testament Examples Of Servanthood
Chapter 10 Christ’s Teaching On Servanthood
Chapter 11 Paul, An Example Of Servanthood
Chapter 12 New Testament Examples Of Servanthood

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