It is so encouraging working on these courses! They have been a wonderful addition to my study time and a great reminder of the great God who we serve.

Thank you  for this course & all of the others, because they are explained so clearly & simply. All involved in these Emmaus courses should be congratulated & thanked for their input - job very well done!

Great report from an Instructor regarding a student:

... she really enjoyed doing The Christian Life.

Her words at the end of chapter 4 concerning how reading the Bible has helped her so far:

"I can't seem to get enough. There is always a need and a thirst for more. I never imagined that I would enjoy reading and learning the Bible as much as I do. My hope is to be able to retain as much as I can."

The Christian Living Series...was a very good series with plenty of exhortation to live life with Christ & eternity before me continually.

Jan 2014 ... a new student writes, " I am learning a lot about myself and just how much more might life needs to be aligned to the word of God!